1. Refer a friend to Thrilling Thai Tours

2. You get $100 off your booking per referred friend

3. Repeat.


We love to travel, and if you’re like us, you love sharing it with everyone! Now it’s easier and more rewarding than ever to share the pleasure of travel through  our new Refer a friend rewards program. For every friend you send to us, we’ll give you $100 refund of your booking. Refer two friends, get $200, refer five friends, get $500 off your trip etc. Wicked, right!? Refer enough friends and you can travel for free! There’s no limit!


How does it work?*

  • The friend you refer must be a new traveler to Thrilling Thai Tours
  • Your friend books one of our tours
  • You send us an email with your friends full name, make sure you send the same name as they use for booking
  • Your friend must  book the tour within 7 days after your booking
  • After all of your friends been on their tour you will get your refund, how much depending on how many friends you referred

Please note all the rules that apply to this deal:

Referred Travelers (your friends) must be new to Thrilling Thai Tours. They must not have booked or traveled with us in the past and must not have an existing booking for future travel. Referred travelers must book a tour with Scheduled Dates. This deal applies only to Ultimate Thrilling Adventure or Dose Of Thailand packages.

Our other products or services are not available for this deal.


You give us your friend’s full name, you have to make sure you send the same name as they use for booking. Your referred friends has to book their tour within 7 days after the day you made your booking. After all of your referred friends has been on their tour you will get your refund, this is to make sure your referred friends actually going on their tour. We’ll contact you for your bank details, and the refund will be in your hands!

If your referred traveler (your friend) cancel their tour, you will not get any refund from that person. 

Can I really travel for free? Yes! That’s the goal of this amazing deal. Refer as many friends as you can and you have the chance to travel for free! Personal expenses and any other costs not on your invoice are your own responsibility.