About Us

THRILLING THAI TOURS travel company located in Thailand is here to help your travel become better on your next leisure vacation or business trip.
THRILLING THAI TOURS will take the time to understand your unique travel interests and aspirations, until we “get you.” We then use our education, first-hand travel experience and relationships with car, hotel, resort, tour and cruise travel partners to make sure you enjoy an exceptional personalized travel experience that will create memories to last a lifetime.
We are your personal travel advocate to help you by providing you with tips, advice and insights that only a trained and experienced travel professional can offer. We live and love travel and welcome the opportunity to show you how we can help you travel better.
THRILLING THAI TOURS is an expert who understand where you want to go, how to get you there and the priceless experiences you want to have. We get you and we get you there.

Our Destination Partners

We have partnered with the tourism boards of some of the most exciting destinations in Thailand to offer you the best vacation values and experiences. We have worked with our destination representatives to receive specialized training and certifications. They are eager to offer you their expertise to help you plan your dream vacation to any of our distinctive destinations.


THRILLING THAI TOURS travel concept is pretty clean; we love Thailand and need anybody on the way to revel in it! We’re animal care and environment care. Our company does not support any animal abuse in the tourist industry, like elephant riding, tiger display , elephant display, monkey display, due to the fact in this business they treat animal very awful. Therefore we do not support this and hope to make a change in the tourism industry!

We at Thrilling Thai Tours take our job as a travel company very serious, and find a Responsible Tourism truly important. We are one of a few tourism business in Thailand that actually takes part of trying to make the tourism to the better regarding environment and cultural awareness, trying to make Thailand a better place to live in and to visit.

We love to engage the locals in our tours, letting them meet and connect with people from other counties.

We know that we as a company can not do everything, but we believe that Everyone can do something for a better world. We often refer to “A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” in our way of thinking.


THRILLING THAI TOURS travel is a full service travel company offering luxury corporate and leisure travel services and advisory for Thailand nature and culture, striving for client satisfaction by providing the highest level of service delivering efficient detailed oriented travel planning while generating noticeable savings. We believe that the key of success lies in nurturing vendor, employee, partner, and client relationships and establishing a positive work environment conveying happiness for our team and clients all throughout. Our goal is to brand ourselves as providers of the ultimate travel planning experience while becoming a one stop shop for every travel service available in the industry.


THRILLING THAI TOURS donates money to support dog rescue shelters and our goal is to donate money to assist orphan in the future.

Our Vision

To anticipate and act upon the evolving needs of our customers and partners, responding to them with excellence in our people, processes, and technologies and to be one of the leading corporate travel management agencies in Thailand and the region.

Our Values

Vision: We look beyond the horizon to anticipate change.

Integrity: We believe interactions with our customers, partners and employees must always be open, fair, respectful and honest.

Service: We provide our customers with personal attention, quality work and maximum value. Innovation: We encourage thinking beyond conventional wisdom.

Teamwork: We work together to produce extraordinary results.

Strength: We value our sole ownership as the provider of family tradition and the vision of building for the next generation.


Thrilling Thai Tours is a company located in Thailand with a decade of experience in traveling industry, experts in traveling in the country. Thrilling Thai Tours provide a fun, safe and adventures tours.
So why not share it with you?
We will deliver the pleasant and high-quality tour throughout Thailand. Depending on what kind of traveler you’re, you could choose from our unique packages, and we are sure you will discover something that suits you. Your pocket could be quite happy too while you look at our friendly prizes for activities, accommodation, transportation etc.. The fact that we based in Thailand gives us the opportunity to make our tours so reasonably-priced as viable, no in between arms which make a smaller prize which makes as many as possible so as to enjoy our tours. Thailand is an amazingly beautiful country with lots to see and do, so book your trip now and begins your journey today!