Matilda Lindh
Co Founder
Young Swedish experienced travel lover who left her home country to live in Thailand and started Thrilling Thai Tours with her partner. She has many adventures behind her and she wants to get even more. As a strong minded,ambitious woman Matilda is doing constant updates for the company and makes it as good as it can be, she’s a real travel expert! The last few years she’s been out traveling around the world, and sure loves lot of places but Matilda feels it’s something special about Thailand and therefore loves to share her passion with you! Languages: Swedish, English, French
Nitipong Jansang
Co Founder
Born in Thailand, Krabi, Nitipong, aka Niti, has full of Thailand experience! Many years in tourism business Niti is a real expert of travelling through Thailand. He used to live in England where he was studying and then Norway working as a bar manager in Oslo, before he came back to his home country again. Besides working with Thrilling Thai Tours,he is also a Co Founder of Bangkok Nightlife tours and a freelance DJ in Bangkok. He really want to give you the best time of your life when you’re going with Thrilling Thai Tours! Languages: Thai, English, Norwegian, Swedish
Baso Sutthiporn
Meet Bas, born and raised in Thailand, who is one of our best driver/guide! He spent several years in the tourist industry and he’s a true favorite among our customers. Bas is friendly, professional and ambitious! Languages: Thai, English