Thrilling Thai Tours Nature

We at Thrilling Thai Tours are regularly visiting the beach just for a clean-up! We get together to clean up all plastic, bottles & trash on the beach. Just a few minutes can help a lot!

So are you heading to Thailand? Help us Help the climate! For example, skip the common plastic bag when you’ve been shopping. Bring your own bag, try to avoid buying products wrapped individually in plastic and ”clean” the beach after your visit. Share your ideas and what you have done for the climate while in Thailand! Use #Thrillingthaitours

It’s also very important that we take care of what we have. Corals for example: we are always sure to inform all our customers to be careful and not step on the corals during our snorkeling tours! It’s also super important that we support the kind of tours that we believe in, and we do not support any tours including animal abuse such as Elephant riding, tiger photographing or monkey shows! We Love Thailand, the nature and the animals!


Thailand is known globally as one of the world’s worst polluters. It ranks fifth or sixth among countries allowing plastic waste to wind up in the ocean. This waste is mostly from individuals. The popular plastic water bottle is a major pollution source, as are the single-use plastic bags from markets and supermarkets. We all produce more than a million tonnes of plastic waste and we aren’t careful about where it ends up.
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