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Koh Samui, Thailand

 Koh Samui Sea Walking


Enjoy a day under the water! This is one of the world’s fastest growing underwater activities! So come and join us for this unique activity you’ll never forget – a walk under the water!

No earlier experience needed!

DEPARTURE TIME Pick up 8.30-9.00 am depending where your hotel is located
RETURN TIME 2.00 pm transfer back to your hotel
WEAR/WHAT TO BRING Comfortable clothes, swimwear, towel, sun block lotion
Pick up and drop off
Sea Walking
All needed equipment
Fresh fuit and water
Proffessional guide
Full insurance
Flight to Thailand
ADDITIONAL INFO -Wish for a private tour, please contact us for more information.
-Child from +7 to 11 years old. Child under 7 years old for free (but no sea Walking, only follow their parents on the tour and do snorkeling)

-Don’t do this activity if you suffer from any disease, example a heart disease. Talk to a doctor before to be sure if you can go or not.

Additional information

AgeAdult, Child

After pick up we’ll take a long tail boat to the Sea Walking site, approx 10 minutes ride.

Sea Walking is an cool activity that suits everyone! They use to say – If walking and breathing is easy for you, you can Sea Walk! This is a very simple activity, you’ll wear a custom made helmet so your head will stay dry during the walk. And don’t worry, you can breath! The helmet will provide a constant air supply, so all you need you do is to just keep breathing as normal!

This is an unique and safe activity under the water. Enjoy a wonderful walk under the water, see fishes, coral reefs and explore the underwater wildlife in the clear blue water! You can explore this amazing experience even if you are a non-swimmer or non-diver!

You will also get the chance to do snorkeling in this crystal turquoise water! Become close to Mother Nature’s marvelous place and explore something you’ll never forget!

This day tour is coming to its end and we’ll transport you back to your hotel. Thank you for today, hope you had a great and memorable day!

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April 8, 2017

Amazing!!! Soo much fun! 😛

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